Questions to Spiderbag

  1. Since you, as a bag, could not consent to marriage, do you feel like the system let you down by not stopping it at some point ?

  2. Did you get some tax advantages out of your marriage?

  3. Where was spider_baguette on the 27th of February at 13h49?

  4. Do you have hopes and aspirations for your son and adopted bag?

  5. Do you have any last words for the true love of your life, spider_baguette?

  6. Are you happy the cloning process got rid of the kisses marks Andy forced you to keep?

  7. Isn’t it strange that the celine tattoo still managed to appear after it?

  8. Are you mad at Andy for ripping you off?

  9. How do you feel for her to have a new love?

  10. Do you want your son to hate andy’s new love?

  11. How do you feel about #gastonbaguette?

  12. Wouldn’t you love for Céline to trim Pulpy’s head a little, like Andy did with you?

  13. While you were in a relationship with Andy, why did you cheat on Andy with Britt (when there was over 20 copies of you all over her place)

  14. Has the mighty paper dog treated your soul well?

  15. How does paper actually beats rock?

  16. Why were you always moist in your last couple of weeks? Was it pizza grease or something else on your face?

  17. Are there more spiderbags from different multiverses? Would that mean there are more Andies as well?

  18.  How did you feel about being pinned to a wall by your wife at all times?

  19. What happened between you and Gaston? Why does he hate you?

  20. What was your reaction when Charlysmom threw babybag in the garbage?

  21. Now that you’re dead, do you know which of Pulpy or Fulfy is the true deity?

  22. Which pun’s company did you enjoyed the most during your time on the wall?

  23. What is something you’ve always wanted to say but never been able to?

  24. Are you happy to finally be rid of Andy?