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The Search for Çuzie

(and the Cousins' Qwests)

For Andythefrenchy's Season 3 (March 2022 to Feb 2023) - we decided to go on a Qwest to find one of Andy's missing family members; Çuzie, who has been abducted in March.

Capture d’écran (487).png
Cuzie alive.png

First, the Frenchy family got this ransom video

In which the kidnappers state that they will give her back if Andy stops streaming forever):

And then, an emergency family meeting where all the cousins and Granny thought of a plan of action to find their beloved young cousin:

Which leads to the COUSINS QWESTS that will be spread out throughout the year like this

                            CHANTAL'S QWEST :  April 2022 - Qwest for Power 

                            CYNTHIA'S QWEST  :  July 2022 - Qwest for Allies

                            CÉLINE'S QWEST    :  November 2022 - Qwest for Weaknesses

                            ÇTÉFANE'S QWEST : January 2023 - Qwest for Information


Each cousin starts their Qwest with a position on the karma bar. The position will change when the viewers will summon Good (5.99$* / 599bits) and Evil (5.98$* or 598bits) alerts.


*For Çtéfane's Qwest, each alert will give a random 1-5 points* 
You can also buy bundles (5 good: 29,95$ / 5 evil: 29,90$ / 10 good: 59.90$ / 10 evil: 59,80$)

Screenshot 2023-01-13 14-18-48 (2).png

When the Cousin's bar is filled (fills with tips and bits) it will unlock a new achievement connected to the current cousin's qwest!

The achievement will be Good or Evil depending of the current state of the Karma Bar.

2022-04-18 20-35-25_Moment(2)_LI.jpg

On ÇTÉFANE'S QWEST, he will be faced with moral dilemmas on how to get the information he needs to find Çuzie's kidnappers. The dilemma will be known to all so you can influence his decision with good or evil karma points. Be careful, because some of the decisions only have a 50% chance of success!

Ex: If Çtéfane meets a woman informant, he can:

1 - Seduce her to get the info (100% success)

2 - Persuade her without using his charms (50% success)

It won't be always clear what 100%... let's just say the high road is rarely the easiest! 



At all times, you can gamble 33 333 channel points to try and give the cousin a big swing towards their original alignment. It has a 33% chance of success. 


If you're in the Top 5 scorer (good OR evil), your name will appear in the Scoreboard! The scoreboard will reset every week to give more people to get their name on it!

high score (2).png

Every week, Andy will raffle a personalized Art Alert that you can trigger with !Mgood and !Mevil for the next week!

The higher your rank, the higher your chances of winning the raffle!


Evil Asixel

Good Lufia7



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