The Search for Çuzie

(and the Cousins' Qwests)

For Andythefrenchy's Season 3 (March 2022 to Feb 2023) - we decided to go on a Qwest to find one of Andy's missing family members; Çuzie, who has been abducted in March.

Capture d’écran (487).png
Cuzie alive.png

First, the Frenchy family got this ransom video

In which the kidnappers state that they will give her back if Andy stops streaming forever):

And then, an emergency family meeting where all the cousins and Granny thought of a plan of action to find their beloved young cousin:

Which leads to the COUSINS QWESTS that will be spread out throughout the year like this

                            CHANTAL'S QWEST :  April 2022 - Qwest for Power 

                            CYNTHIA'S QWEST:    ??? - Qwest for Allies

                            ÇTÉFANE'S QWEST:   ??? - Qwest for Çuzie's location/Kidnappers identity

                            CÉLINE'S QWEST:      ??? - Qwest for the villain's Weaknesses

Each cousin starts their Qwest with a position on the karma bar. The position will change when the viewers will summon Good (9.99$ or 999bits) and Evil (9.98$ or 998bits) alerts.


*There are also rumors of higher power alerts that, when unlocked, give more points* 
Only if unlocked: these alerts cost 19.99 (Good) and 19.98 (Evil).

Screenshot 2022-04-20 11-41-29.png

When the Cousin's bar is filled (fills with tips and bits) it will unlock a new achievement connected to the current cousin's qwest!

The achievement will be Good or Evil depending of the current state of the Karma Bar.

2022-04-18 20-35-25_Moment(2)_LI.jpg

There are 12 achievements to unlock in each path (Good/Evil) 

The alignment of the cousin will be determined by the achievements unlocked.

Ex: If by the end of the month, CHANTAL unlocks 8 Evil abilities vs 2 Good abilities, she will be considered 80% Evil until the FINAL BATTLE.



At all times, you can gamble 33 333 channel points to try and give the cousin a big swing towards their original alignment. It has a 66% chance of success. 


When you are the first to discover a new alert (good or bad) you will get ownership over it.

If all alerts are discovered, when triggering ANY alert, you have a 25% chance of stealing it.

Screenshot 2022-04-18 13-56-17.png

The top two (one good, one evil) owners of the week get their own personalized Art Alert that they can trigger with !Mgood and !Mevil for the next week!


Evil Asixel

Good Lufia7