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reqWest system

Welcome to the new song reqwest system! Here are the basics:
- Tipping 5$+ will grant you a Qwoin that'll last for 30 days.
- Use it with the !sr command to bump up any song from the songlist or even the queue. 
The priority queue is amount-based, so the higher the value of your qwoin, the sooner your song will be played. If you already have a song in the free queue, donating will automatically bump it up!
- You can add the value of a qwoin to any song in the songlist, even if it's already in the priority (basically more than one person can pool their qwoins)
- If you have to leave before your song has been played, you can take back your qwoin (!ws)


  • !myqwoins  ------------------- See your qwoins      

  • !sl ---------------------------- See the songlist

  • !sr nameofthesong ------------ Priority request with a qwoin

  • !fr nameofthesong ------------  Request without using your qwoins

  • !qr amount nameofthesong ---- Use a specific qwoin  

  • !wrongsong ------------------- Take back a qwoin

  • !gambleqwoin ----------------- 37/63% chance to gain/lose qwoin

  • !pickupqwoin ------------------ 10% chance to pick up a qwoin that                                                                                        someone gambled


  • !myqwoins  ------------------- Vois tes Qwoins      

  • !sl ---------------------------- Lien vers la liste de chanson

  • !sr nomdechanson ------------ Ajouter chanson (utiliser un qwoin)

  • !fr nomdechanson ------------  Ajouter chanson (sans utiliser qwoin)

  • !qr montant nomdechanson ---- Utiliser un qwoin spécifique

  • !wrongsong ------------------- Enlever une chanson (et reprendre son qwoin)

  • !gambleqwoin ----------------- 37/63% chance de gagner/perdre qwoin

  • !pickupqwoin ------------------ 10% chance de ramasser un qwoin qui a été gamblé.

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