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The mod battle

For Andythefrenchy's Season 3 (March 2022 to March 2023) - we decided to go on a Qwest to find one of Andy's missing family members; Çuzie, who has been abducted in March.

Capture d’écran (487).png

We found out that the kidnappers were in fact Andy's moderators
All of July, the community can battle them with the abilities/allies/weaknesses that were unlocked during each of the cousin's qwests


Each of the cousins went on a Qwest in the past year with the community. Each of Andy's cousin discovered good and evil attacks (Chantal) good and evil allies (Cynthia) and weaknesses (Céline). All of these can be triggered against the mods with Tips and Bits

CYNTHIA's good allies: 5.99$ (599bits) 

CYNTHIA's evil allies: 5.98$ (598bits) 

CHANTAL's good attacks: 9.99$ (999bits)

CHANTAL's evil attacks: 9.98$ (998bits)

ÇTÉFANE's good chat's healing : 15,99$ (1599bits)

ÇTÉFANE's evil mod's healing : 15,98$ (1598bits)

CÉLINE's weaknesses : 19.99$ (1999bits)

Each cousin has a current Karma score. Chantal (55% Evil) Cynthia (59% Good)

Çtéfane (66% Good) and Céline (64% Good)

Depending on what you trigger (good or evil) you can influence their karma score and change their alignment for the next season in Andythefrenchy's channel! 


CYNTHIA's good allies

Good ally.png

CYNTHIA's evil allies

Evil Ally.png

*You can buy multiple allies at the same time (ex: 2 good for 11,98$ / 5 evil for 29,90$)

CHANTAL's good attacks

Good attacks.png

CHANTAL's evil attacks

Evil attacks.png

*You can buy multiple attacks at the same time (ex: 2 good for 19,98$ / 7 evil for 69,86$)

Çtéfane's healing


Céline's weaknesses


*Céline's weaknesses don't stack, the clock resets to 10min when a weakness is triggered



Starting mid-july, when the Qweendom is in low health, granny has a 25% chance of blocking a killing blow!

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